"Rick Madison has one of the top three stories that I have ever heard in my life about people coming out of comas." - Perry Stone

Raised from the Dead

Raised from the Dead


After a horrible car accident, Richard Madison was rushed to the hospital only to be pronounced dead-on-arrival. His family was told three times to make funeral arrangements. God revealed Himself to Richard through an out-of-body experience and ten weeks later he walked out of a wheelchair. He is now a walking miracle testimony to thousands of people throughout the world that God's love can powerfully restore even the most hopeless lives. As you read this true story, you will discover how you can...

Hear directly from God
Know God's will and purpose for your life
Defeat Satan's power over you
Operate in the gifts of the Spirit
Prosper as God watches over your finances
Receive physical healing
Minister healing to others


Richard Madison is a full-time evangelist who travels the world to tell the remarkable story of how God raised him from his deathbed and completely delivered him from drugs and alcohol. Richard is a highly sought after speaker witha powerful healing and prophetic ministry. He and his family live in Oakman, Alabama

Raised from the Dead


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