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God's Strategy for Tragedy

God's Strategy for Tragedy


This is the remarkable true story of Ben Godwin who was struck by a car while riding a bicycle at age seven. The collision dislodged three inches of bone from his left leg. Doctors prescribed bone graft surgery and predicted a permanently crippled limb. Then God intervened—the bone was restored by a creative miracle. Before and after x-rays prove this amazing act of God. The majority of the book deals with tragedy, how to respond to it if it comes, and how to overcome it.

This book also explores thought-provoking issues, such as,

  • Do miracles still happen today?
  • Why does God allow tragedy?
  • How should we respond to tragedy?
  • How can you receive a miracle?

This is an excellent book to give someone who is dealing with tragedy or someone who is believing God for a miracle.


Ben Godwin, B.TH., began preaching at age thirteen and has been in full-time ministry since 1987. He presently serves as the pastor of the Goodsprings Full Gospel Church near Birmingham, Alabama, and produces a weekly television program called The Word Workshop. Bena nd his wife, Michelle, work as a team in ministry. They have three children, Nathan, Emily, and Noah, and reside in Goodsprings, Alabama

God's Strategy for Tragedy


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