"Rick Madison has one of the top three stories that I have ever heard in my life about people coming out of comas." - Perry Stone

I have travelled internationally thirty-four times to ten nations and currently minister over 180 days per year. I am licensed with the Independent Assemblies of God. I mostly speak in full gospel, charismatic, and Pentecostal churches, but I also minister in other denominations such as Baptist, Methodist, and independent churches. I also minister in non-denominational and interdenominational churches.

I have a healing and prophetic ministry that crosses all denominational lines. The Lord has given me a ministry to flow with any organization and still preach the unadulterated Word of God.

I minister on salvation, miracles, deliverance, end time prophecy and the Holy Spirit. My greatest desire is to see souls saved through faith in the shed blood of Jesus Christ. I would be interested in speaking at your church, rally, or convention. Our ministry operates solely through love offerings and travel expenses. I have appeared on many television programs including The 700 Club, It’s Supernatural with Sid Roth, Daystar Television Network with Marcus and Joni Lamb on Celebration. I have also been a guest on several Trinity Broadcasting Network affiliate stations.

I have authored three books:

Raised from the Dead: My testimony: a book of faith, healing, and miracles.

The Anointing, Power, & Gifts of God: A study of the anointing and baptism of the Holy Spirit.

End Time Prophecy Revealed: A study of end-time events.

Please feel free to contact me about coming to your area or about any of our materials. As founder and president of Operation Healing Ministry, I pray that you have a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

My Testimony

The Early Years

I was born in 1961 in Jasper, Alabama. At 6 months of age, I fell off a sofa and went into a coma for 6 days. Prayer warriors in my family began to pray and intercede for me. Thank God, Jesus intervened in my behalf and brought me through.

At five years of age, I was shot at several times by a great uncle who had lost his mind. Jesus kept me safe, as I hid in the house. He shot my grandmother five times and Jesus brought her back to life in the hospital after the doctors pronounced her dead.

When I was eight years old, I was almost killed in a public laundromat. I was playing hide and seek with a friend. I had climbed into a a large commercial dryer to hide. A group of thugs walked in and they saw me in the dryer. They braced the door shut and began searching for the proper change. A girl with them fought for me and begged the others not to start the machine. As they all left in a hurry, the girl ran back in and opened the door for me.

Thank you Jesus for watching over the little children.

After many accidents and near death experiences, I gave my life to Jesus at 10 years of age. I graduated from Leeds High School in Alabama in 1980. After finishing school, I was introduced to various drugs and alcohol.

I stopped worshiping God and began following the world. God continued to send people to witness to me and draw me back to Him. At age 23, I had a very successful air-conditioning business, but I did not have joy and peace.

My maintenance company repaired equipment and kept the health department happy for over 100 restaurants. I was making alot of money, but I was wasting it in the night clubs and party scene.I was headed for a rude awakening.

Visiting Death

On April 13, 1986, I was involved in an automobile accident, a head-on collision. I was pronounced DOA at Vanderbilt University Hospital. I received numerous broken bones and injuries:

crushed foot
torn aorta artery
a ruptured spleen
a punctured lung
broken neck
broken ribs
broken jaw and hip
remained in a brain dead coma for 27 days

Doctors advised my family to make funeral arrangements, but the prayer warriors in my family believed Jesus could raise me up.

I was pronounced dead on arrival by the main trauma physician. He was sending me to the morgue when God told him to try again. After 9 surgeries, 400 staples, and 124 units of blood, my organs shut down. My mother went to the prayer room for the last time and prayed 10 hours. It was the 27th day from the accident and suddenly a nurse approached the family and said, "A miracle has happened, Richard is awake, and he is no longer swollen. He has brain activity, and is communicating on paper." Doctors ran into my room and I said, "Jesus appeared to me, and told me He was the real Messiah. He put His hand on my head, but wouldn't let me see His face. He said I was travel the world and preach the Gospel and miracles would follow." That is when I awoke and SAT UP OUT OF THE COMA. The full story is in the book Raised From The Dead.

May God bless you always.

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