"Rick Madison has one of the top three stories that I have ever heard in my life about people coming out of comas." - Perry Stone

Perry Stone

“Rick Madison has one of the top three stories that I have ever heard in my life about people coming out of comas.”

Perry Stone
International Evangelist, Author, Founder and Host of Manna Fest TV Show
Cleveland, TN

Sid Roth

“Richard Madison was raised from the dead to prophesy to the nations. He has seen thousands saved and healed through his healing and prophetic ministry. He also prophesied world events such as the fall of the Berlin wall, the war in Iraq and the attack of 9/11.”

Sid Roth Founder and President of Messianic Vision,
Host of a syndicated radio program and Host of It’s Supernatural TV show

Pat Robertson

“Jesus walked into that hospital room, and laid His hand on Rick Madison’s head and healed him.”

Pat Robertson Founder and President of the 700 Club

Ben Kinchlow

Fast living led to a dead end, but a new life began with an out-of-body experience.

Ben Kinchlow Former host of the 700 club

Ron Weinbender

I have had the privilege of hearing Richard Madison speak on several occasions and he is truly an ambassador of the Lord in ever respect. He is very anointed and walks in the love of Jesus and he will be a blessing to everyone who has the opportunity to hear him share his testimony.

Ron Weinbender
Director of Operations and International Director
Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International
Irvine, California

Mike Shreve

I have known Richard Madison since 1987. I believe he would be a tremendous blessing to any church or ministry he works with. I believe God has especially graced him to build peoples faith to expect healings and miracles. Everytime I have heard him share his testimony, the anointing was always upon him to help God’s people reach a new level of faith.

Mike Shreve
International Evangelist and Vice President of United Christian Church
Cleveland, Tennessee

Barry Lombard

Richard Madison, A Man of “Pure Faith”

“In 1987, Brother Richard Madison came to our church and shared his testimony of a remarkable miracle healing-how Jehovah Raphae (God Our Healer) brought him out of a 27 day coma following an automobile accident, set him on the road to recovery, and called him to be an evangelist to the church and to the world.”

Barry Lombard
Senior Pastor Trinity Fellowship Church of God
Jasper, Alabama

Dr. Kenneth Sharp

“Richard, you’ve had everything go wrong that could go wrong and…you are a living miracle. There must be a God in heaven… He is truly watching over you.”

Dr. Kenneth Sharp
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Nashville, TN

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