"Rick Madison has one of the top three stories that I have ever heard in my life about people coming out of comas." - Perry Stone


Sue Garbard

I had a crooked spine and a hip that continually popped out of its socket. I had constant pain in my lower back and leg because of a pinched sciatic nerve. I was in pain even lying down. I could not do any housework, but I have been healed. Praise God! Brother Madison laid his hand on my head and prayed to Jesus, and immediately I was healed. I can bend, jump, run, even do housework with no pain.

Goodwater, Alabama

Brother of Greg Sims

My brother Greg was shot between the eyes with a .25 caliber pistol in June 1992. He was in a coma for two months, and doctors sent him home with a breathing tube. They said he would never recover. Brother Madison came to our home and anointed Greg with oil and prayed the prayer of faith. Richard brought several people with him from the church at which he had been preaching. The power of God fell in Greg’s room. Brother Madison told us his testimony and showed us his scars. He said that Jesus was going to raise Greg up out of the coma. Several days later, Greg woke up from the coma. Now he is off the breathing machine and sitting up eating food. He is very alert and is getting stronger every day.

Piedmont, Alabama

Wendy Cook

I had been completely deaf in my left ear for twenty- five years due to nerve damage. Medical technology did not help. Hearing aids did not even work! But Brother Madison asked Jesus to open my ear, and immediately I could hear.

Pinsons, Alabama

Bobby Hill

I was in an auto accident that put me in a brain-dead coma. I remained in the hospital 142 days. I had twenty-eight surgeries and a $2 million hospital bill. Rick Madison prayed for me as my family was making funeral arrangements. My mother came in and saw me lift my hands in the air and she became a believer in Jesus Christ. Rick told my family not to bury me; that I would be healed. Twenty-five days later, I came out of the hospital a walking miracle. Rick prayed again and Jesus wiped out the hospital bill. Praise God!

Cordova, Alabama

Mac Dessie Kelley

I had been diagnosed with cancer in my breast. I went to a revival in Opp, Alabama, and Brother Madison prayed for me. He told me to make the doctors take more x-rays, and nothing would be found. I went back the next day and had mammogram and ultrasound x-rays taken. The cancer had disappeared. I give God the glory and credit for healing me.

Opp, Alabama

Cory Cameron

I had been shot in the back in 1978, and the bullet was too close to my spine to operate. Doctors said I would have to live with it in my back and I would have constant pain. I was also on dialysis because of a bad kidney. I went to a revival where Brother Richard was preaching. He placed his hand where my kidney was and prayed for my back. He didn't know about the bullet, but he asked God to deliver me from pain. I had no more back pain after that night. A month later I had my back x-rayed, and the bullet had disappeared. The doctors were amazed, because there were no scars on my back. They knew I did not have any surgery. Jesus doesn’t leave scars.

Wylam, Alabama

Lois Howell & April Brascome

I had been deaf in my right ear for more than thirty years. During a revival in Birmingham, Alabama, Brother Madison prayed for Jesus to open it. Jesus healed my ear instantly, and I can hear out of my right ear now. I had several surgeries on this ear, but nothing worked except the healing power of God.

My daughter was born blind because she had no optical nerves. She was blind until she was four years old, but she can see now, thanks to Jesus. By the fifth grade, she could match her clothes. God healed her, and she is now a DJ at a Christian radio station and has recently married.

Birmingham, Alabama

William Stokes

I was involved in a head-on collision with another tractor-trailer. It took three hours to cut me out of the truck. I was all broken up. I remained in the University of Alabama Hospital for six weeks, bleeding internally. Doctors said I would not make it. My wife and I saw Brother Madison pray for a woman who walked out of a wheelchair. My wife called Brother Madison, and he came and anointed me with oil and laid hands on me. The bleeding stopped immediately and I left the hospital in a wheelchair. I later walked out of the wheelchair, and now I am a walking miracle testimony for Jesus Christ.

Columbus, Mississippi

More Amazing Miracles

Here are a few more remarkable miracles that I witnessed. In 1988, I prayed for a deaf lady, a blind lady, and a man who could not speak. All of this happened in the same service. The blind lady received sight in her right eye instantly. I prayed for the deaf lady next, but she did not receive her hearing. I told her interpreter to bring her to the side. I wanted her to continue to thank Jesus for her hearing. The interpreter told her through sign language. I then began to pray for the man who could not speak. His wife told me he had a paralyzed tongue. I prayed for him twice. All of a sudden, the man began speak in other tongues. His wife started jumping and running, and I assumed he had never done this before. The interpreter with the deaf lady, told me she could hear the deaf man making loud sounds. Now this was a miracle. A deaf lady could hear a mute man making sounds, and a blind lady was watching it!

Another miracle happened when I went to a young man's home and prayed for him. He was diagnosed with cancer, and he was only twelve years old. He had lost his hair from the cancer treatments, and he had gotten worse. I told him he was healed, because Jesus took stripes across His back for our healing. I had Timothy to raise his hands, and thank Jesus for his healing. Two week later, the Lord impressed me to go to UAB hospital. I went in the large lobby, wondering who I was there to see. Timothy's sister came up to me, and told me they had rushed Timothy into emergency surgery. She said tests had revealed that the cancer had doubled in Timothy's body. I told her this was impossible, because I knew Timothy was healed. She said they all knew that now. I asked her what she meant. She told me the doctors opened Tim up, and they could not find any cancer. She and I began to rejoice in the lobby. I immediately went to Tim’s room. When he saw me, he smiled real big, and he said, “Jesus really did heal me.” The doctor walked in, and told Timothy that he had seen a miracle. The doctor said he had been asking God to show him that He was real. The doctor said, "I now believe there is a God." I said, "Yes, doctor, God is real, and his name is Jesus." The doctor then said he had called his wife and told her that they must begin to find out more about Jesus. Hallelujah!

In 2005, I went to the Children's hospital in Birmingham, AL. I prayed for a teenage girl named Andrea that had a severed spine from a car wreck. I talked the family into letting me pray for her. As I prayed God filled the room. All of a sudden she began to move her legs. I told her parents that she would be fine now. Five days later they called me and told me she no longer had a severed spine and she went home healed.

I have prayed for 36 people in comas and 22 have awakened. Ten of those were brain dead. I've seen God do many more things because I believe God can do anything.

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